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"We don't have to go along to get along. All the trees (truths) in the garden are good, except the one that stresses duality of good and evil, God and devil"

What is a 'Metacostal'?

Metaphysics is a branch or division of philosophy that is concerned with the fundamental nature of being (existence) and that which is beyond being's physical expression. It relates to the transcendent or to a reality beyond what is perceptible to the five senses. It involves unconventional imagery. It means using the imagination you were born with to create in consciousness what you want to make and be real in your life. That is, a constant imagining that you are transcendent, having been created in the image and likeness of God or the Divine!


Many Pentecostal preachers and people want to embrace a metaphysical approach to scripture and life and desire a connection to others of the same interest and mind.


Jesus was a Metaphysician. To simplify it, metaphysical means to basically go beyond the physical or material realities to another level and dimension of awareness. It is a form of how Pentecostals claim to transcend the physical realm of reason and earth bound sensations to the ethereal realities of Spirit.



My Journey

My personal transition into what I call "Expanded Consciousness" is informed by my roots in classical Pentecostalism, an expression some perceive as the more mystical aspect of Christianity in the same ways Kabala is a mystical aspect of Judaism and Sufism is considered by some as a more spiritual and mystical aspect of Islam.


Many people of traditional religious backgrounds are personally expanding their consciousness and desire to make varying levels of transition, to, from or within their traditions without abandoning the aspects of those traditions they deem to be important to their particular spiritual resolution and evolution in consciousness. By consciousness we simply mean awareness or enlightenment. Awareness is having or showing realization, perception or knowledge or personal experience of ones higher self and soul, as well as an expanded world view and appreciation of the oneness of all things and people in the collective powers of consciousness and inner knowing.


The phrase Metacostal was coined by one of my spiritual sons DE Paulk, another pastor of Classical Pentecostal roots who has evolved into expanded consciousness, while remaining attached to his spiritual roots in Pentecost barring some of the extreme dogma associated with it. Many from other disciplines are doing likewise. However, because of the larger appeal I have to people from my religious background, there are larger numbers of people and pastors within and/or from that particular communion or discipline looking and leaning toward expanded consciousness but want to maintain various aspects of the mystical ambiance of their Pentecostal tradition.


Inclusion encourages people to enjoy and employ the freedom to be who they are while evolving to what they choose to become.

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