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Streaming Consciousness Network

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The Premier Global Access to Expanded Awareness and Self Actualization



​A global members-only group to facilitate information and knowledge exchange. ​
A spiritual reformation has begun - get involved in a vibrant and ambitious network of like-minded individuals walking the path of progressive
spirituality and a more pronounced Christ Consciousness. Gain access to exclusive in depth training in the science of higher thinking and Self Actualization

A unique membership network for Sacred Activists and Social and Spiritual Progressives celebrating the elegance, eloquence and excellence of human beings, being human, redefining and refining the experience and expression of same.

Our mission is comprehensive global, planetary and cosmic peace on every level of human experience. Our purpose is to help create the conditions to make that possibility a reality by providing people with both techniques and emotional technologies to both discover and recover their divine selves. It is about renewing and re-knowing who we are as not only human beings looking for spiritual experiences, but spirits having individual as well as corporate earthly encounters.

What do you believe (about yourself)? Why do you believe it? And how do those beliefs add to or subtract from the quality of your life?

Membership Benefits:

* Exclusive Live Video Webinars with Carlton Pearson ​
* First access to interviews with leading experts in higher consciousness​

​* Special Ebooks, Audio & Video Messages

* Streaming Consciousness e-Magazine​
* Opportunities to attend private gatherings with Carlton Pearson​

* Password protected restrictive member access + much more


Live ​

Online ​


"You are on your way to amazingly fresh 'Spiritual Enlightenment' and I want

to meet you there in consciousness!" ​

                               Carlton Pearson​​

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We celebrate you thankfully for supporting our effort to accommodate the global shift in consciousness!

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