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Declaration of My "I AM" Identity

© Gina Pearson 2010 /P.H.I.T. 4 Life

I AM deeply loved, fully pleasing, totally accepted by God just as I AM.

I AM a Child of God, a manifestation of God's love, wisdom and power.

I AM an expression of perfect love made manifest - the perfect expression of Infinite Life.

I see with the eyes of Love in discovering my divinity.

Wholeness is the essence of my true nature and spiritual identity.

I recognize that the vibrations of the earth resound with the uniqueness of my individuality.

Having been created in the image of God, I acknowledge my oneness with Love.

My existence is activated by Spirit, allowing me access to infinite possibilities.

In alignment with Universal Law, I AM the calm expression of peace.

I access the Kingdom of Heaven in stillness of mind and presence for it is within me. I AM a gift to this moment in time for I AM the completion of the Universe, a providential presence. Infinite wisdom's thought. Royally crowned to deliver a unique contribution in the earth through the essence of my Being the grandest version of the greatest vision of who I AM that is revealed in each moment of now. I access the anointing through living authentically.

I AM perfect in my imperfection.

I AM enough!

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